Game Design

Value - Design - Experience

I conceptualize and develop games and ideas, whether analog or digital, mobile or stationary, for us or my clients. Our work is characterised by a psychologically sound approach, rapid prototyping and a high standard of player experience. I and my team can draw on a wealth of experience.

Why am I doing this?

I love games!
It all began with a love of computer and video games. Now I want to transfer this joy to other products!
Increasing user expectations
The users of the future want more than just a "useful" product - they want to have fun using it!
Solve problems
Very few problems can be solved with money and/or pressure. Motivation and voluntary commitment are much more important.
Make people happy!
My customers and their users should enjoy their products and services and use them enthusiastically.

What I offer

  • Coding
    Ich biete saubere Programmierung in verschiedenen Sprachen an
  • Game Design
    Lassen Sie Ihr Spiel von der Idee bis zum fertigen Produkt von mir und meinem Team entwickeln
  • Dozent
    Ich bin langjähriger Dozent und Mentor und unterrichte Game Development an Hochschulen etc
  • Web Design
    Sie möchten eine Webseite? Ich biete Ihnen die Erstellung einer professioneller Webseiten an.
  • I offer you a large network !
  • 2D
  • 3D
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Explanatory videos
  • virtual reality
  • Fair Presentations
  • project management
    and much more !
    Please feel free to contact me.

Please contact me



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